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The Jewels of the Season

From decadent scents and classic bath bombs to refined body washes and luxurious balms—a truly charming range, fit for royalty. Stop by and shop in st...

Have a Powerful Shower

Embrace the power of the shower! We teamed up with Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at the University of Virginia, Zachary C. I...

Snackable Scent-Sations

Sink your senses into scent combinations that'll have you drooling with delight. Though they smell good enough to eat, please only devour them with yo...

New Jamie Reid Soap Art Collection

This collection was inspired by the punk spiritualism of visual artist and honorary Bard, Jamie Reid and our shared love of the ancient ways. Introduc...

Expert-Recommended Products Curated for Cancers

Embrace your water sign and its compassionate, caring and creative self with this carefully curated selection of comforting fragrances, calming shower...


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